Energy storage for power networks course

CITCEA-UPC offers this course at ETSEIB, Aula Schneider. Barcelona. Dates and times are still to be confirmed. Course is oriented to introduction to the technology and the applications

Lecturer: Francisco Díaz is Doctor in Electrical Engineering from UPC. Since 2015 he works in CITCEA at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya as a Postdoc Researcher. He is professor in the Master courses of UPC and he also teaches in the master and professional courses of CITCEA.  

Module 1: Overview of energy storage technologies
•Principles of operation, main characteristics (1.5 hours)
•Balance of plant components (power electronics and ancillaries)  (1.5 hours)
•Study case: assessment of cost models  (2.0 hours)

MoModule 2: Applications of storage technologies in power systems
•Review of applications  (2.0 hours)
•Study case: sizing of a battery bank for PV generating system  (2.0 hours)

Module 3: Regulation and business models
•Current regulations and future trends  (1.0 hours)
•Business models (1.0 hours)

PRICE: 280€, 11 hours.
DISCOUNTS 10% for students and teachers, companies that register 3 or more people and members of associations where CITCEA is associated.

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